Popular Poker Rooms among Players on the Planet


Popular poker rooms among players on the planet

Today, just as Social networking takes up most of your time, so does online gaming engages everyone for a long time throughout the day. According to a survey, active gamers spend around six and half hours playing online games every week. In fact, while earlier you could play games with a computerized program, today the same games are played with real people sitting in every corner of the world. Such game-rooms are very popular as you not only play games, but also meet new people and make friends. In this respect, card game rooms are especially popular; and one such genre is that of poker.

If you are new to the world of online gaming and would like to try your hand at game-rooms, or if you are looking at some of the best poker rooms to try your luck, then here are some of the globally popular poker rooms to start trying your luck in.


Some of the world’s most revered poker players have practiced and become pros at the scr888 game by playing it online at PokerStars. This software has been ranked as the world’s best poker playing platform. In fact, it not only offers regular poker games but also hosts its own live PokerStars tournament. Such tournaments give you a chance of experiencing playing poker with some of the best in the world. It also means getting an opportunity to win lots of money. Further, you have the occasion of playing some of the rare poker games which cannot be easily found in most game rooms. In fact, it has a wide range of mixed poker games for every level. Most of the poker tables are fully customization.



scr888 is one of the oldest poker rooms in the digital gaming sphere. Today, with revamped software and new features it has become one of the most popular gaming sites in the world. In fact, according to an online survey, this game room is ranked the third largest poker game room in the world. You can actually log in with a unique id and password and join any of the free chairs in the various poker games being played by people around the world.

Interestingly, it offers almost a hundred new features to choose from and this has been done to enhance your poker playing experience. Care has been taken that not everyone who comes to play poker is an expert in the game. Some of you are just beginners who have come to experience the world of online poker gaming. Thus, for such people there are easier levels to start with.

It further provides you with a chance to enlarge your bank balance by playing with real money. So, scr888 gives you a holistic experience with a financial benefit in the world of online poker games.


Ladbrokes Poker

When in Europe you cannot miss out on Ladbrokes poker, Europe’s largest online poker gaming website. With an array of championships, tournaments and online and offline games, this is the most popular among people. You even have the chance of real time betting through this software.

Thus, if you want to try your luck at poker games online, then these are the three places to start out. They are the most trusted and relied on by the poker players of the world.

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